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“2024年,IPR Daily作为具有全球影响力的知识产权产业媒体,将联袂来自日本、韩国、新加坡、菲律宾等诸多亚洲不同国家的多家行业组织和机构,共同推出首届——‘亚洲四十位企业知识产权精英评选’活动。”




Amid the global wave of technological innovation, Asia is increasingly becoming the most dynamic growth pole for world technological innovation, contributing a continuous stream of momentum to global technological progress. Under the positive influence of innovation, the intellectual property business in Asia is also steadily developing, continuously opening up new frontiers and directions, providing strong support for industrial development, and offering solid support for enterprise competition. The development of the industry is inseparable from the contribution of talents. In recent years, Asia has continuously produced batches of outstanding intellectual property practitioners, continuously promoting the display of Asia's intellectual property competitiveness on the world stage.

2024年,IPR Daily作为具有全球影响力的知识产权产业媒体,将联袂来自日本、韩国、新加坡、菲律宾等诸多亚洲不同国家的多家行业组织和机构,共同推出首届——“亚洲四十位企业知识产权精英评选”活动,旨在挖掘和表彰那些在知识产权领域发挥引领作用、创新思维和拥有卓越能力的企业知识产权精英,集结国际智慧,展示创新与知识产权的力量,激发年轻一代对知识产权的热爱与追求,共同推进全球知识产权浪潮的涌动。

In 2024, as a globally influential intellectual property industry media in China, IPR Daily will team up with many industry organizations and well-known media from different Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, and more, to jointly launch the first "Asian 40 IP In-house" selection. The aim is to discover and award outstanding enterprise intellectual property elites who play a leading role, have innovative thinking, and possess outstanding abilities in the field of intellectual property. The event will gather international wisdom, showcase the power of innovation and intellectual property, inspire the younger generation's passion and pursuit of intellectual property, and jointly promote the global wave of intellectual property.

这是暨2019年首届 “40 under 40企业知识产权精英大型评选活动”评选活动以来,IPR Daily首次举办亚洲范围内知产群英的盛宴。在亚洲企业知识产权精英最新榜单出炉之前,累计有200位中国企业知识产权精英上榜。本届“亚洲四十位企业知识产权精英评选”活动候选者工作单位应以总部在亚洲范围内的企业为主,参与者不受性别、年龄、行业、地域和国籍限制。

This is the first global selection event of "40 under 40 Intellectual Property Elite in Enterprises" hosted by IPR Daily since 2019. Prior to the release of the latest list of Asian intellectual property elites in enterprises, a total of 200 Chinese intellectual property elites under the age of 40 have been listed. In this "Asian 40 IP In-house" selection event, candidates' workplaces should primarily be headquartered in Asia, and participants are not restricted by gender, industry, region, or nationality.

在拥有全球最多的网民和海量庞大的物联网体系的亚洲,科技蓬勃发展,无处不在的数字连接催生着创新,为世界带来前所未有的可能性和活力。“亚洲四十位企业知识产权精英”将成为年轻IP精英的一个标志性符号,将知识流通和积累同个人创造并举。在这个充满无限生机和创意的时代,IPR Daily为参与方提供了广阔的发展舞台,汇聚那些正在改变世界创新的亚洲力量,为亚洲乃至全球知识产权发展注入不竭动力,期待你的出现。

In Asia, which has the largest number of Internet users and a massive Internet of Things system, technology is flourishing, and ubiquitous digital connections are fostering innovation, bringing unprecedented possibilities and vitality to the world. "Asia 40 IP In-house" will become a symbolic representation of IP talents, integrating knowledge circulation and accumulation with individual creativity. In this era full of boundless vitality and creativity, IPR Daily provides a broad development platform for participants, gathering the Asian forces that are changing the world through innovation, injecting inexhaustible energy into the development of intellectual property in Asia and even globally. We look forward to your participation.


The application starts from the publication of this article.Deadline: May 31, 2024.

Qualification and Information for Registration:

Registration Requirements


Positions eligible for candidates include, but are not limited to, intellectual property directors, chief intellectual property officers, legal directors, intellectual property directors (ministers, directors, section chiefs), intellectual property managers (supervisors), intellectual property legal professionals, senior intellectual property consultants, and technical research leaders engaged in intellectual property-related work within enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs or senior management of enterprises. Service units of candidates are primarily based in Asia and are not restricted by gender, industry, region, or nationality.

Selection Process


The selection process will consist of three stages: preliminary selection, semifinal, and final. Candidates will be comprehensively evaluated from multiple dimensions such as contributions to Asia, influence in Asia, innovation ability, and growth. Various entrepreneurs, investors, senior IP leaders, and expert scholars from Asia will be invited to conduct comprehensive assessments.

Registration Period


The registration and application will begin upon the publication of this document and the deadline is May 31, 2024.

Registration Method


Registration can be done through self-recommendation or recommendation. Candidates are welcomed to be recommended by intellectual property management departments, relevant industry associations, intellectual property service agencies, and numerous enterprises across Asia. Each organization is generally limited to recommending one candidate and must affix an official seal/signature on the recommendation form.

此外,历届荣获过“中国40 Under 40”的企业知识产权精英将享受优先参选本次亚洲四十位企业知识产权精英的权益,最终以评委打分为准。

The Chinese IP in-house who have been awarded “40 Under 40” in previous years will enjoy the priority of participating in the selection of the “Asian 40 IP In-house” selection, and the final result will be based on the scores.

Announcement of Results

活动结束后,评选结果将在IPR Daily中英文网站、微信、海外多家平台等全媒体矩阵首发,并将联合IP行业媒体、知名科技媒体及海外合作媒体进行全面发布。

The results of the selection will be first released on the IPR Daily's Chinese and English websites, WeChat channel, and various overseas platforms within the entire media matrix. The results will also be extensively published in collaboration with IP industry media, renowned technology media, and overseas cooperative media.

Contact Information


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Camila Li


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